A thank you note to my colleagues.

Two days ago, I had a client for therapy. Therapy would be a normal thing to do in Mexico after 19 years of woking with people. But here, it was de first session I could gave after 5 years of living in this country. This is my first unpaid hour of the almost 4,000 that I have ahead before getting paid for it. It is amazing how the bussiness of psychology is controled and made for people not to get license before investing thousands of dollars. Anyway, this is another topic.

I was happy, excited, and grateful to have the opportunity of listening somebody. I am passionate about my career and I will choose it again and again. Yesterday, I was even more happy to sit with colleagues and exchange experiences. I loved the faces of those women, specially the new ones, some of them terrified to do therapy. That is right, therapy is a scary profession. The good thing is that requires heart and very good intentions. Therefore, a new therapist who pay attention and is willing to open the heart can be a better therapist than an old one who thinks he or she knows everything. The interesting part of my profession is that never ever a session is the same and I feel challenged at every moment, and I need as attentive now than years ago.

Doing therapy for me, could be similar to driving. You need to be attentive all the time, does not matter if you are a new driver or an old one. One single mistake can damage others or yourself. The most accidents I had ( in therapy) was when I thought I was right and powerful. The best this to do in both, driving and doing therapy, is to love and be compassionate toward our self and others. When driving, you cannot think who is more important or who has the better car. Traffic rules are not about that. During the session nobody is more  important or less, is only who is the one driving at that moment and how much this person cares of the passengers. If you love and care for your copilot, you will not admit for him or her to do something crazy in the middle of the highway. The same in therapy, if you love your client you will set boundaries and do so with firmness and determination but also with softness and good manners.

Anyway, I want to dedicate this post to all the new therapists in the world. Welcome to this profession and thank you for wanting to make a difference in other’s people lives.

May we all have opportunities to grow whether in the role of client of the one who is leads. Until the next post. . . drive safe even if you are not or will intent to be a therapist :-)






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