Alternative medicine for soul crisis . . . and cold.

Recently I have been catching a cold three times a year. Since I am usually healthy, it is no easy for me to stop working and staying at home for long time. However, I realize that the stress of a graduate program is showing up in my body. Therefore, I am researching any healthy way to help myself.

Let me tell you that back in Mexico, a cold would be a chance to watch TV and receive visitors. Most visitors volunteer to make you laugh and to eat with you. The goal is to motivate the appetite of the pale and skinny person (weight does no t matter, if you are sick is because of lack of food, according to my father). Therefore, while struggling with headaches, fever, and running nose, I used to find myself in bed with tons of fresh juices, homemade food, and some of the eight cats that my sister has. Oh, the dog also will be there staring at me for long, long time, trying to figure out why I am not in the mood to play. Of course, there is no need for medicine other than hot tea. With this pampering approach, as you can guess, colds are never long enough.

Anyway, I am an American now and we, Americans deal differently with colds, (if this way can be called dealing with). People, like me, have “important” things to do. Despite the “important” things to do, you cannot be cruel to the point of inviting somebody to your home or go to work. A cold is not a thing to enjoy according to the American society. Time is money! Somebody would say. At the same time, you better stay away from everybody. Besides, we all have full agendas and a cold, like many other unimportant needs to be scheduled. &^%$*%%$%# grrrr!

I could not believe that I have all these symptoms on the first week of school. Well, my cold this time, said “Excuse me madam, cell workers on duty, so cancel everything and let us do our job”. Ok, I thought I could read or write since I am in bed. Nop, I cannot even move. I do not want water, tea, or even open my eyes. The headache is so intense. My Indian warn me: I DO NOT take medicine, unless I am dying. I find it disrespectful to my body. Ok, I know that but, this time meditation is not helping. Oh God! I cannot say I am miserable either because actually, I am quite happy with my life when cold is not here. Additionally, I am not falling to sleep despite how much I want to. &^%$*%%$%# grrrr!  Suddenly, I heard my inner voice:

-Go and paint!

-What?, I almost yell back to my self. -Paint? I cannot even seat.

-Yes, move and find the stuff to paint! If you ask your clients to paint for stress, why don’t you?

I moved out of bed and painted, well, I put some color on the paper at first slowly and using dark colors. After 30 minutes, I ended up having fun, tolerating more light colors not only in the paper but in the room. Soon I was hungry, thirsty and ready to read a little. Painting helped me to alleviate my cold symptoms and function around the house for today. Therefore, I agree that can be an alternative way to deal with cold.

Do you have any other alternative ways?

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