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ITP symposium -Carmen’s presentation


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Being alive enough to love death

A week ago, I attended a memorial service. This was the first one for me in this country. I loved it! Family members got to speak about their relationship they had with the person who passed away. He was a … Continue reading

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Got your spiritual shower today?

I love to be in silence, with eyes closed and observing my breathing for a while after a wake up. With some discipline, I can practice for one hour. Goenka, an Indian spiritual leader, call it Vipassana Meditation, I call it … Continue reading

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Don’t you dare! This body is mine.

Most of my life I traveled un public transportation in Mexico and walked alone in the streets during the day or night. My first trip alone in the public bus was when I was 12 y/o. I needed to do … Continue reading

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The pleasure of being

After the very stressful academic year, I planned a free summer for myself. Everything was perfectly planned. I worked extra hours during the last quarter and saved some money so I can just enjoy friends and family here and in … Continue reading

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Everything will be ok!

Yesterday was my fourth anniversary as a California resident and is a reminder for me about how trusting the inner self when I jump into the unknown is a warranty that everything will be ok. Back in 2007, for several … Continue reading

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Becoming somebody?

Today is one of the most important days in my life in this country. I am becoming an American citizen!!!! It is a celebration and I am happy for it. I worked hard for it for the past three years. … Continue reading

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Spontaneous letter to the universe

Dear Universe, I am filled with love and gratitude for everything you’ve provided for me. Those little gifts every single day. Those huge miracles in my life. I am ready as I move on to manifest, to laugh, to dance, … Continue reading

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The uncomfortable comfort zones

During my youth and early adulthood, I did pretty much what I wanted, even though sometimes it was risky or crazy. I found ways to encourage myself and move forward. While living in Mexico, I did travel alone thorough the country, … Continue reading

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Web blogging as a healing practice

You may need pop corn and 12 minutes of relaxation to enjoy the next video. It is the final assignment for my Transformative Digital literacy class and my first movie in English! Best, Carmen

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