Becoming somebody?

Today is one of the most important days in my life in this country. I am becoming an American citizen!!!!

It is a celebration and I am happy for it.

I worked hard for it for the past three years. Even though I moved to this country for love, was a successful professional in my country, and I did it legally, the immigration office has more than 400 pages file of my persona!

I wonder what they collect, if I only submitted like 150 of them. Who knows, maybe they are faithful readers of this blog and collect my posts :-).

Anyway, I really feel humbled to be part of this country and inspired to contribute for a better society by voting, being an activist and why not, maybe one day run for a federal position.

I also feel happy that I can walk with assurance with the feeling that this is also my home and now nobody can belittle me because of my unofficial status like my ex-husband used to. I feel more free to express myself. I hate to recognize it, but it makes a difference for me and I’ve noticed the way I walk and move my body now.

I appreciate the people in the immigration office who treated me with respect during the application process and showed care , they were mostly women who understood my need to stand for myself.

However, part of me feel sad for the thousands of people that worked harder than me or have way more years here and they are still considered (and treated like) criminals just because they do not have documents. I wish I could share this accomplishment with them.

I also feel sad for the ones that are back in my country or other third countries and have the american dream still unfulfilled. And I feel sorry for the women that are still at mercy of their american partners.

Anyhow, to the eyes of some, I am becoming somebody in this country. To the eyes of those who love me, I am the same Carmen and they are happy for me.  And I guess to the eyes of those who dislike immigrants, they have one more reason to be unhappy and run to do more anti-immigrant laws.

Until the next post, take care. Like we say in America:

God(ess) bless you!

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