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7 solutions for your new year’s resolutions

2016 is a reality. Happy New Year! For those of us who plan to stay in this world, it is a nice idea to have some new resolutions. You know some map for the road. Everything that helps us to … Continue reading

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Cheerleading myself

Dear Carmen: I trust you. I trust that you will come with ideas and wonderful paragraphs. I know there will be hard times in the writing of your dissertation but, I also know you’ve accomplished so many things in the … Continue reading

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A thank you note to my colleagues.

Two days ago, I had a client for therapy. Therapy would be a normal thing to do in Mexico after 19 years of woking with people. But here, it was de first session I could gave after 5 years of … Continue reading

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Not inspired, just pretending. . .

Getting inspired (living in-spirit) or being visited by the Muses seems like an accidental or almost impossible feeling, especially when we need to work with deadlines. I rather believe in creative playful improvisation and persistent work. Practice, practice, and practice … Continue reading

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Is happiness and freedom for everybody?

I am a free, a happy, and a privileged woman. I am grateful I have had the conditions in my life that allowed me to run away from violence, poverty, lack of education and suffering. I can tell you my … Continue reading

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The pleasure of free time

I am not posting that much lately, I know. It is because I am having great time in Mexico. I am sleeping, eating, and resting. I am having coffee and long conversations with friends. In my free time I also … Continue reading

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ITP symposium -Carmen’s presentation


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Being alive enough to love death

A week ago, I attended a memorial service. This was the first one for me in this country. I loved it! Family members got to speak about their relationship they had with the person who passed away. He was a … Continue reading

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Don’t you dare! This body is mine.

Most of my life I traveled un public transportation in Mexico and walked alone in the streets during the day or night. My first trip alone in the public bus was when I was 12 y/o. I needed to do … Continue reading

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The pleasure of being

After the very stressful academic year, I planned a free summer for myself. Everything was perfectly planned. I worked extra hours during the last quarter and saved some money so I can just enjoy friends and family here and in … Continue reading

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