Cheerleading myself

Dear Carmen:

I trust you. I trust that you will come with ideas and wonderful paragraphs. I know there will be hard times in the writing of your dissertation but, I also know you’ve accomplished so many things in the past including the thesis for the master. You keep saying that writing in English is not your thing, but I can see you improve everyday. I am very proud to see your posts and papers. I can see the fluidity that you have now in comparison with two years ago. I still remember when you used to panic for one page assignment and the challenge of putting one sentence together without the underline corrector of the word processor. I can laugh now, of how many times you fought with those awful green lines trying to guess what was the problem. One sentence could take you so long that at the end of the paragraph you ended up crying and questioning your intelligence.

I also remember the love and patience of many of your friends who were willing to sit and work with you despite their own stress.

I trust you will be fine in writing many pages now. Moreover, I trust your intuition to gather material, to organize it, and to be able to make it yours. I trust your playfulness and capacity to have fun with whatever comes. I love when you write with passion thinking that you will change the world, at least for the Mexicans in this country. I trust you will dance, sing, draw, and write posts during the process.

Ambitious, disciplined, courageous, and optimistic are the traits that brought you to Palo Alto and pushed you to have a PhD. Those same traits will get you all the way through until the graduation day.

Keep writing that I will be with you at every moment.


Your inner/magical Carmen.

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Love to read from you!

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  1. Bertita Graebner says:

    What a lovely love letter to yourself, Carmen ! Inspiring on every level and an open invitation to others to enter the same space for and with themselves…Thank you for this mornings musings.

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