Everything will be ok!

Yesterday was my fourth anniversary as a California resident and is a reminder for me about how trusting the inner self when I jump into the unknown is a warranty that everything will be ok.

Back in 2007, for several weeks I did some enchiladas for friends in South Dakota in exchange for donations for my first month in California. They thought I was crazy and told me how expensive a rent can be here.

I did not want to listen because I was determined to live in Palo Alto and get a PhD at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP). I did not know then that life had some intermediate plans for me.

I arranged a job interview with the UC Santa Cruz and had a letter of acceptance for the PhD program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Finally, with a luggage full of dreams and 900 dollars, I arrived at the San Jose Airport on June 1st. The University paid my airplane ticket, the hotel, and meals for the first two days.
I was terrified since I had to figure out where to sleep the next night and stretch the money until I could get this or other job.

Other belongings were some clothing and my vision board with the ITP logo on it. I also had the prayers of my Mom and my dear friends. Moreover, I have a guardian angel always willing to get me out of trouble and supporting my adventurous spirit.


I knew some things about me that gave me courage: I have great determination, I am optimistic, I can spend a day or two without eating, and I can leave in a shelter if needed. I also know, I will not trade my personal values for economic reasons. Those skills are handy when my adventurous spirit pushes me to the edge.

Fortunately, I got the job one moth later. For two years, I hold a full time job and had wonderful experiences with the Mexican community in the Salinas Valley before life determined I was ready to pursue my original intention to be ITP student. I remember

I drove to ITP and park my car outside several times, eat in my car and just look at the logo that is outside the building. I was not confident enough to come inside but I was confident this was the way to manifest my future.

Finally, in 2009, I was able to be a full time student, which means I park my car, eat inside the building and see the ITP logo everyday.

Now, I understand that I needed first to learn the reality of the Mexican community here and have even stronger motivation to became a psychologist in this country. I guess everything happens for a reason.

I’ve leaned that when I trust in a bigger power, everything will be ok, even tough does not seem right at the moment.

Until the next post take care and if you are going trough something, know that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK!

Looking forward to hear your stories at comment@morningswithcarmen.com or in this blog.

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Love to read from you!

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