Got your spiritual shower today?

I love to be in silence, with eyes closed and observing my breathing for a while after a wake up. With some discipline, I can practice for one hour. Goenka, an Indian spiritual leader, call it Vipassana Meditation, I call it the all-purpose-spirit-shower. It feels like a deep restoring for my brain and spirit.

I am always amazed how I can transform my experience if I am angry, sick, tired, sleepy, or extremely worry about something. I know that at the end, I will have a new and wonderful perspective.

Of course, it is not easy. During the practice, there are some peak moments where everything seems worse and I would like to run or hide and forget about breathing. If I manage to keep breathing, not move, and have faith, I get to witness how these thoughts just are dissolved. Everything will be fine until the next wave of images, pain, or sorrow that I will experience. I get to feel waves of heat and all the bad choices of food or talks I did the last day.

After many of those spiritual showers, I know that all of these uncomfortable moments will translate in a wonderful sense of peace most of the day. Then, after that I can dedicate few minutes to set my mind I get to choose my brand new thoughts for every situation. At this time, I can send some love to my family and friends in a more powerful way. Then, I am free to smile and enjoy life for the rest of the day.

Well, this is my experience most of the days, but today was something different. I experienced my body like a wonderful and huge pipe system. I could literally feel my heart and most of the organs working. I have the deep realization that whatever I put there will affect the way it functions. I did an experiment and for few moments and thought about love and compassion for others and myself. It was beautiful to “see” how my body was filled with light. I thought about sadness and desperation and I “saw” how the pipes got dark and dirty.

The images were so clear that I have not doubt that everything I eat, think, say or do has an impact in my body at every single moment. I knew that from previous practices, but it is very different to “see” it in action. Aaah! I miss the wonderful pleasure of ignorance.

Oh well, the good thing is that I have my all-purpose-spirit-shower and is free to practice anytime. It is hopeful, don’t you think?



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