Healthier relationship with my cell phone.

I’ve improved my cell phone relationship over the past few years. Therefore, this morning I feel sharing my cell phone wisdom.
At the beginning of my cell phone life I bought a Nokia, this was 13 years ago. I still remember how happy and amazed I was of being able to talk on the go.
I did not quite finished to settle my relationship with the home phone when I decided to add a fresh and new adventure to my communication style by getting this Nokia. I had private practice as a psychologist and I wanted to offer to my clients the sweet option to find me every time their impulse ask for it. Back then, I had the luxury of being free from this ugly two year contracts. I just added air time any time I wanted and the number was mine for the rest of my life.
My Nokia did nothing else than phone calls, offered me a handy calculator and the opportunity of saving up to 16 contacts! Oh, I forgot to mention that I also could plug in a hands free item.
I was 26 year old as I was a graduate student by the time I got it so, by then, I was quite adjusted to my life without instant communication. This means, I grew up in a world where “I love you” “how are you” and “see you later” were complete sentences and they were either said to the person or sent it in a decent paper letter. Sometimes those complete sentences traveled hand by hand in a piece of paper hiding from the teacher in turn.
Now, everything is in text msg and short like many other pleasures in life. I still do not get adjusted to that. Maybe this is way I only get to spend 10 out of the 200 msgs I am entitle to use every month.

Anyway, now the cell phone and I have a clear relationship…he serves me!

I know I can interrupt a conversation with somebody if my phone rings and most of the times I decide not to do so.
I know I could text in class, while driving or while doing other things, but I decide not to do so. I refuse to put in danger so many lives in the highway including mine and the wonderful opportunity of human communication just because my cell rings.
Personally, I enjoy doing small things for pleasure like taking a break from me being available any time 24 hours through my phone. I disconnect my phone to sleep every night and it remains the same in the morning until I meditate, practice yoga, or write in my journal. It is also off while I am in class or taking a nap.

It wasn’t always like that. I used to think that my friends or clients could not live without me and my immediate help. In the name of serving, I got phone calls from friends, ex-boyfriends, clients and drunk people who dial wrong numbers in the middle of the night. Believe me, at some point in my life I was the recipient or midnight misery of so many people, some of them at least paid their sessions afterwords but most of them just let me with a headache and a sleepy day in front of me. Now I trust in God and the self-care spirit within every human being. I also learned that 911 and other people exists and does a very good service while I sleep.

I ask my friends to call twice and say the word emergency for real ones when they live their messages or just leave a normal message for normal communication. I do my best to check my voicemail as soon as possible and return the phone call when I really have time to listen to them. I learned that cell phones can be very helpful to have meaningful contacts as well. Fortunately, for the past few years everything worked out well. I still have friends, clients, and a social life. Actually, my life is better because people realize I will be there for them. . .  even if my phone rings.

Happy cell phone relationship and stay connected until the next post!


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