Hidden prices of giving

I have very good luck since the very first day that I was born, would say my mom. I can say that I was lucky since the day that I was conceive as I dig into the conception story of my mother. It seems that the conception was a happy moment according to my mother, my father “knew” that he just conceived baby. “Is a girl”, he told her minutes after the fact.
My mom loves telling me this and many other stories about my childhood. For instance, I am the oldest one of three sisters and the only one who was born in a private hospital (sorry sisters). My parents had two miscarriages and they did not want to take the risk of bringing a baby in public places anymore. I really do not know how they afforded to pay but they did. I weighted 5 pounds and they feared also for my life.
The nurse in turn felt in love with me and my family, she wanted to the baptism godmother and she gave me earrings of pure gold. “Pure gold” remarks my mom every time, “but I could not accept the nurse as your godmother, we did not know her that well” she adds every time also. My mom insists that this event and all the gifts that came during my first year of life are responsible for me acting like spoiled and always being lucky.
Maybe she is right. I consider myself a lucky person. People often feel compel to give me something. I am much adjusted to receive small and big, cheap or expensive gifts. Somehow during my gifted life I learned to be grateful and bliss the person from the bottom of my heart. Of course, this multiplies my good luck. Every time I receive a gift I feel such a special feeling of gratitude that is difficult to explain. It could be that I came to this world to learn this specific feeling.
I learned to be very respectful of gifts since every time a person is giving something, is putting his or her energy into it. People have the need to give as much as have the need to receive. Few years ago, I also learned that saying “thank you” whit honesty give me freedom of any emotional debt later on. Before, I often felt guilty of receiving presents, especially when the gifts represented something special for the giver. Now, I know the best thing I can do is paying forward.
I learned that giving and receiving is simple. If I am putting an emotional price in my gift, is better if I recognize that. Finally, I could be hurt if I do not get paid, and most likely I will not get paid if I am unclear about the price. If I contaminate my present with hidden expectations I am also including misery in the packet. This is the “shipping and handling” price that we very often do not disclose to the receiver. It may sounds weird to mention the shipping and handling extra fee but maybe worthier. Let do a quick test: Today, I am writing for the sake of being read. . . (That was hard to admit, let me take time to breath) . . .  and, the best way for you to let me know that you read is to leave a comment, any comment is fine. It is fair to you? This is my feeling today and it may not be other days. How the test was for you?
Well, enough of giving and receiving and go back to work.
Have a gifted day and until the next post!


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  1. Virginia says:

    I'm so proud of you,You have come a long long way.Can't wait to see you when you come to Aberdeen SD.Get ready to ski in the snow.lol love -n- miss you

  2. I like your post very much

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