How old are you today?

Today is a very special morning. I am writing this post from my bedroom at my parent’s home in Mexico . . . Yes, I still have my own bedroom here! Waking up in the same bedroom that I did when I was a child is helping me to reflect on my real age. Few weeks ago I heard from my teacher Ann Gila that we, humans beings, are like a tree that has rings on its base announcing how old it is. Trees have the rings exposed; they have all the ages at the same time and of course, they do not play games hiding their age. I am positive that I announce my age at every moment whether I want it or not.
Back in the USA I am an adult I swear! However, for good or for bad, I have the emotional flexibility to expose different ages like a tree. For instance, I can fight like a ten year-old girl or behave like an abandoned six for not apparent reason when I am with my partner. Believe me, at those moments it is not that fun for him to witness this flexibility. The good part is that I can also be fifteen and dance at the rhythm of Shakira’s concert in my bedroom or complain with not shame about my back pain like an old lady. I still remember, few months ago when I cried like a kindergarten student in the school bathroom because I misunderstood the teacher instructions and brought different homework. Although, I wish I could conduct myself like a mature and spiritually grown adult at every moment in every single situation I don’t. At least, I would feel good about the huge amount of hours I spend in therapy or, -even worse- giving therapy myself. The reality is that I did not figure out how to be “a mature adult” at every situation yet.
Well, if life gives you lemons . . . I do not know about you, but besides doing boring lemonade, I found my way to have fun with them. Thus, now that I am willing to accept that I am age-ly flexible I’ll use it to my advantage in this trip to Mexico. I will jump deliberately from one age to another in the same day.  It isn’t that fun? For example, I could be six and hug my Dad or laugh with him. I could be a toddler and take a nap on my Mom’s bed. I would be an irresponsible teenager in my sister’s bedroom and spend hours watching TV. I could be a five and play with my little nieces and nephews. Of course, like many other families we have our problems and old arguments, but the advantage of me in living in another country is that both, my family and me are really happy to see each other.  Now, if I want that the money and time spend in therapy pay off, I also could make my life easier and try to guess how old each family member is at every situation, don’t you think?
I wish you the wisdom of the elders with the playfulness of children, and until the nest post . . . keep jumping!

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