Is happiness and freedom for everybody?

I am a free, a happy, and a privileged woman. I am grateful I have had the conditions in my life that allowed me to run away from violence, poverty, lack of education and suffering. I can tell you my life is perfect in comparison with many other women in the world. Ok. . . except for the student loan I am getting for the sake of a PhD :-).

My current situation is the product of a personal hard work, yes, but also the product of social conditions and people that were on my favor. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many other human beings, and somehow one part of my soul is still suffering with them.

I wish I could have the words and sense of humor to explain in a useful way what I see in my career as psychologist. I wish I could have the conditions to be more helpful to those people who suffer specially in Mexico, where violence is growing at giant steps without any hope in the near horizon.

Maybe for now, the best is to go back to dissertation work, hoping one day will help me to better express my indignation and frustration for the treatment given to Latino immigrants. I believe no men, women or children should be overpowered or diminished.

For now, I’ll leave you with my favorite author and activist , Isabel Allende, in her TED talk “Tales of passion” She will make you laugh and charmingly will make you reflect about women’s conditions. Enjoy it!

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