To meditate or not meditate? This is the dilemma!

This week I have been reading a lot about the brain and the impact of meditation in our physiological functioning.  Most of these research findings made sense to me in my experience as a meditator. No, do not worry; I am not going to torture you with boring facts and reports. I trust you can choose that on your own if you ever want to get a PhD. I rather this morning share the benefits I experience.
Four years ago, I got tired of being miserable and bring misery to others. I also knew I am not good at obeying blind rules of religion or any other organization. I wanted to experience freedom with no harm to others. I wanted to be loving and compassionate with myself. After a careful search, I discovered that there were people that seem to have fun in this world and accomplish even more that others and start looking into their daily habits. Most of them have a spiritual practice whether is meditation, praying, walking the dog or riding their bike.  They seem to live in a better place that I did.
Now, if somebody asks me to exchange for one hour of my time every day as the rent for me to live in the same beautiful and safe area of the city, I would quickly ask where I could sign the contract. Despite my busy life I could find the time to give one hour in my schedule. 
Well, ever since I meditate on regular basis I feel like I moved to this better “neighborhood” of this world. This is a neighborhood where everybody can have a house of the size they want. Literally, I feel like my life got much easier because I encounter more compassionate and peaceful people everywhere. The days when I was struggling to find a parking spot, having upsetting encounters in traffic, on the market or with my colleagues are far away from my memory. 
The days I meditate, a lot of wonderful synchronicities, smiling faces, quick services and hidden shortcuts appear easily. I can overcome challenges faster because I emotionally flexible. Of course, I get angry, sad or worried, the difference is that I give myself permit to feel it without poisoning my thoughts. I do feed my ego and my misery. I chose what to think and how to process my emotions. 
The days I do not meditate I come to visit my old “neighborhood”.  I get to witness road-rage drivers, people fighting, accidents and all kind of stressful situations on top of dealing with my own. 
After practicing seriously silent meditation for the last two years, I can say that this world is a beautiful dance room where I get to choose the music. Moreover, I have learned that strenuous and violent music does not suit my soul. 
Hoping you too, move to a better “neighborhood” . . . I’ll find you in the next post!

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