My challenge could be your lesson!

Hello friends,

My name is Carmen. I am a graduate student in Palo Alto and I am ready to share my thoughts with you every morning.
I wanted to fulfill my dream about communicating my learned lessons about life but could not do it because English is my second language. I think now, is the right time to let go my fear of showing how imperfect my grammar is. This morning I thought, about all the what ifs that I am using to hold my self back in many areas of my life. Well, I am ready to let go some of those what ifs.

I started writing in English two years ago and more intensively one year ago because of my graduate program. For the past year, every single time that I turned in a homework, some of my classmates or my tutor did the editing for me. It was hard but I am learning to do better now and I can be independent in small tasks now. Can imagine that you need somebody near you every time you are writing an email, a homework or a letter to someone else?

This blog has the purpose of challenge myself and be helpful to others at the same time by bringing topics that are part of our human nature.

I have three mayor challenges for now and they are the following:

The first challenge I want to take. I’ll overcome my shyness about my English skills, write in whatever English I know and I hope that you understand the main idea I am trying to convey. I guess this would need some patience and compassion on your side.

Second challenge is to receive the feedback. I am open to receive your comments about grammar since this will help me to improve. Maybe this also encourage so many people that are not going to school because they do not know enough English and we all learn English together. Please be soft but firm with your grammar comments. I’ll learn, I promise.

The third challenge is to open my heart and write with honesty and integrity about my inner experience and the lesson learned this first 39 years of my life. Some mornings I just may share my history.

Well, that is for today and have a wonderful day!

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Love to read from you!

2 Responses to My challenge could be your lesson!

  1. Julia says:

    Yepa! yepa! Por fin te animaste!!¡hasta que!!
    Pues felicidades, que bueno que compartas tu sapiencia con el mundo. No entendía porque no en español, pero bueno, tienes razón, te hará bien escribir en inglés.
    Y yo ya te escribí un post en La Palitroche haciendo honor a tu nuevo blog, asi que mejor ponte a escribir que en serio estoy deseosa de ver que rumbo va a tomar esto.
    Te quiero… tons, a escribir y a postear!!

  2. Rachael Radhika says:

    Wow, I love it Carmen! You are so inspiring and lovely:) besos

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