No drama, just love

Two days ago, as my yoga class was ending, the teacher said “set an intention for the day”. As always, I aim high and complicate my life just for fun.

I set the intention of smiling, open my heart and give love just for one day to every person that I encounter. EVERY person I encounter for just one day.
I know by personal experience that every time I aim for some spiritual growth the universe brings me all kinds of experiences and not all of them easy. The difficult part of being peaceful in not in the big events but in the little ones. 
Well, here I was, very fresh after doing yoga and swimming, driving to school. First question of the day: How can you love the old lady that is crossing the street slowly when you are just on time for class? The answer that works for me is: to breath, to smile and to enjoy the moment. Mmm hmm! very easy to say, but I felt my heart closing a little bit after all of this hard doggy ups and downs in yoga. Somehow, I made it. I smiled and send love to the lady who by the way still was crossing the street at that point.
Three hours went by and I managed to give love, even tough my teacher did not agree with my “special” request. I know he is lovely, he would do it if he could. Again I smiled and send him love. 
Now, the real test arrived… as I came into my boss’ office a huge wave of stress and anxiety cough me by surprise. It went directly into my body to the point that I felt rejected. Thanks to my meditation I can write about my body experience now, but of course in the moment I just experienced sadness. She said something, does not matter what and I went directly to my desk with tears. Meditation, yoga, swimming and all of these spiritual activities paid off and helped me to sat and breathe. I thought about how much I really love my boss and how much I appreciate having this job. I closed my eyes and let my body to receive the estrange wave of energy and flow thorough me to the floor. It was hard but magical. After 15 minutes, I was again, ready to go with good humor and love. Ready to see my boss again and smile from my heart. I managed to keep my heart open during the day!
I noticed that lately I generate less drama in my life. Before, I would put so many words to the event in my mind, I would go to share my victimized Carmen with as many people as I could and spread as much misery and possible. This time, breathing and silence is helped me to construct my happiness. I wrote it correctly: To CONSTRUCT my happiness rather than waiting for it to come. I am learning that happiness and peace are decisions I make every day at every moment. Of course, not always succeed but definitively I am doing better. 
I wish you the best and send you love. Until the next post, take care!

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3 Responses to No drama, just love

  1. Sita says:

    Truly inspiring Carmen! Sending much metta your way!

  2. Ana says:

    My favorite line is when you say, "I am learning that happiness and peace are decisions I make every day at every moment." Those are words of true wisdom! Metta, Ana

  3. Varsha says:

    I love it, Carmen! Practicing loving kindness with each person you come across is such an inspirational practice. Look forward to hearing more!

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