Not inspired, just pretending. . .

Getting inspired (living in-spirit) or being visited by the Muses seems like an accidental or almost impossible feeling, especially when we need to work with deadlines. I rather believe in creative playful improvisation and persistent work. Practice, practice, and practice is the key and it usually works for me.

“To do art only when the high feeling of completion and connectedness in the moment of inspiration would be like making love only for the moment of orgasm” says Nachmanovitch in his book Free play. 

In all the creative writing books I’ve read for the past two years, the famous writers mention that very seldom a first draft is also the final one. Edit, edit, edit! They repeat like a mantra or manifesto. Editing and revisiting one’s work is the best strategy to create masterpieces, according to them. Maybe this is why I love to do blogging. Here I can share first drafts without fear of being inadequate. I must confess that is not always a good idea considering that will be in the virtual world in who knows what minds.

Anyway, tonight their mantra is not working either. I have dancing and slippery ideas in my head and a huge need for extended vacations. I even started wondering what I miss the most, if the visit from inspiration or the creative playful moments of orgasm. None of then seems to appear in my life lately leaving me with the only option of repetition, in writing for now J. “Fake it until you make it” is one wise sentence I learn from my informal English lessons. Ok. I will pretend I am a wonderful researcher and will come up with wonderful ideas for my dissertation topic. It will be good I know it. I’ll keep you posted.

Remember, when lack of inspiration is the problem, “fake it until you make it,” it works, don’t you think?

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