The bitten peach

I will “un-dust” my storytelling skills today and write one of my favorite therapeutic stories:
Once upon a time a king was getting ready for his departure to the battle and gave the last instructions to his servants: “Take care of my beloved wife -the Queen, my home and do no use any of my carriages under any circumstance or else I’ll kill you without any consideration” He was just married and the young couple said goodbye to each other with sadness. During his absence, the new Queen received the news from the neighbor town about her mother. Fearing that her mother would die, she run to the servants and ask to be transported to her mothers home.
After some back and forth arguments, the servant accepted to transport her under the condition of not telling the King about the trip. “My Lord will kill me, I am afraid,” he said. The queen assured him that she would explain everything and the King would be ok with her decision. They took the trip to mother’s home and came back before the King’s arrival. Soon after the King arrived, the servant run into him with fear and anxiety. “Please forgive my Lord, I did not want to but she insisted, please have compassion” The King listened to the servant and told him not to be worry because he would listen his wife before making any decision. The queen was in the Palace’s garden eating a peach and sitting under a three. The King listened the story from her and agreed with her that there was no need to kill anybody since this was an emergency situation. They both laughed and celebrated their encounter. She offered him the same peach she was eating, which he gladly accepted and both spent the rest of the day joking and playing. Soon, they forgot about the incident.
Ten years later, while drinking and sobbing for his recent divorce, the King was telling to his best friend the story: “She was selfish and a bad person since the beginning, she disobeyed my orders, she put in risk the life of my servant, you know, I could kill him upon my arrival.  Despite the tense situation, she was happy and the most important thing . . . she gave me a bitten peach!”
To my ex-husband, ex lovers and why not, . . . to the future ones: Thank you for the laugh and playing even though I may hate you for the bitten peaches.

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