The pleasure of being

After the very stressful academic year, I planned a free summer for myself. Everything was perfectly planned. I worked extra hours during the last quarter and saved some money so I can just enjoy friends and family here and in Mexico. No intellectual or academic work for two months starting June 20. Wow! this is not just me. I am a very accomplished woman, at least is what my resume says. My father told me the value of hard working, my grandma used to say ” a descansar al panteon” meaning that we will have plenty of time to rest after death. Therefore, overcoming guilt about not being “productive” is hard.


Fortunately, my mother taught me that taking a nap, having “sobremesa” (sharing family time after meals), and journaling or knitting are also a sacred and healing┬ápractices.

During my first week of summer, I did visit friends, talk to people, attend graduations. However, I felt sad and inadequate despite my busy and fun schedule. I was not in the mood to blog or enjoy parties. After a meditation, I realized that, resting also means having quiet and private time. It means having the pleasure of just being. Then, I remembered my mom’s teachings.

Problem solved! Today I am just “being” not doing anything. Breathing, taking a bath and eating fresh. So far is working. It looks like that I was missing my own company as silly as may sound. I was missing the celebration of being a spirit having a human experience.

Well, I still have more “being” to do and this means no more blogging for today. Hope you have the gift of your own company. Until the next post. . . do not forget to “be”.

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