The pleasure of free time

I am not posting that much lately, I know. It is because I am having great time in Mexico. I am sleeping, eating, and resting. I am having coffee and long conversations with friends. In my free time I also watch TV with my Mom or a lot of movies with my sister. I still have two more weeks to go of this sweet life. I guess I am enjoying it because I know I have another intense academic year in front of me. I know the fall will come and, in my desk will be more written sheets than leaves falling from the trees. For now, I just want just one more cup of tea or a piece of cake.

After 6 weeks I feel like my brain start to believe that it is ok not to produce papers, or to be concern about how many book and articles we need to read for the next day.

When I was younger, I always wanted to be rich to have this free time until I discover that, actually I can have it because I am not rich and I do not need to be worry about wall street moods.

Anyway, what I want to share with you now is that, it has been very healing to slow down. I hope this can be contagious and you get inspired to have some rest in whatever you do to stress yourself.

Resting is good for the good functioning of the brain and for the stress. It seems that it is a very simple fact but so easy to forget.

Hugs from Mexico!

PS: If you do not feel like resting and want some ideas of what to do, please start by commenting at or below. They are always helpful so I know somebody actually reads this site.

I will read it when it is time for me to work :-)



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Love to read from you!

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