The uncomfortable comfort zones

During my youth and early adulthood, I did pretty much what I wanted, even though sometimes it was risky or crazy. I found ways to encourage myself and move forward.

While living in Mexico, I did travel alone thorough the country, opened my own business, acted like crazy scientist in universities, appeared in TV or talked in radio, and did public speaking. I even brought shame to my family, according to my parents, by getting my own apartment and committing the crime of premarital sex. Well, the list can go on and on, but my mom may not enjoy finding out that I am also shameless enough to blog my adventures.

The truth is that my parents embraced my adventurous spirit and became my cheerleaders. I am also positive that some clients, students, or people got inspired. However, I noticed I am living in the comfort zone now. It could be due to the language, the new culture or just maybe that I am getting older.

My reality now is that writing a paper, talking to an English speaking client, traveling in public transportation to San Francisco, paying my parking spot, or even talking in front of a camera hidden in my room has became challenging and scary.

Last Thursday while enjoying San Francisco, I saw an image that inspired me. Ashley, the lady in this picture, was sunbathing in the corner of market and post St. She was just relaxed and seemed comfortable in bikini! Thanks Ashley, for the photo and the inspiration.

This weekend, I’ve done things I wanted to do it since I came three years ago when I moved to California. I wore my bikini, not in SF but in the Santa Cruz’s beach (always is too cold for me). Thanks Hilary for the wonderful company and motivation, I even got into the cold water of the ocean. And, thanks Maria Elena’s company, I drove my new bike in a normal street. I also plan to bike all the way from home to work tomorrow for the first time ever. The plan is to keep challenging myself in a playful and self-caring manner.

Speaking of comfort zones, what are yours? Do you have any inspiring stories?

Hope you have some uncomfortably and fun time soon . . . until the next post!


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